Acyclovir Drug Food Alcohol Interaction

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Many people know that we should eat more greens

Many people know that we should eat more greens

Green for Life


The Update Classic on Green Smoothie Nutrition



Green for Life 2nd Edition

Discover – or rediscover this updated edition – the wealth of information in the classic on green nutrition. Perfect for anyone – raw foodists, vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike – who wishes to develop a healthy diet without making sacrifices to taste or lifestyle.

Best selling author and raw food expert Victoria Boutenko, a tireless researcher and champion of natural nutrition, retunes with her latest findings in this new edition of Green for life. Building on her remarkable discoveries about the healing power of greens and green smoothies, she has added important new research on the crucial role that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids play in metabolic health, including nutritional data on selected green smoothies and updated findings on organic versus conventional produce.

Boutenko’s groundbreaking research comparing the diet of wild chimpanzees with the standard American diet remains a powerful cornerstone of the book, and her findings on the abundance of protein in greens, the role of greens in homeostasis, the significant of stomach acid, how greens make the body more alkaline, the healing power of chlorophyll, and more present readers with the keys to restoring and increasing their health and well-being. New testimonials and additional recipes in this updated edition give readers more confidence and inspiration to explore green smoothies for themselves.

Victoria Boutenko is the award-winning author of Green for Life, Raw Family: A true Story of Awakening, 12 Steps to Raw Foods, and Raw Family Signature Dishes. A raw gourmet chef, teacher, inventor, researcher and artist, she teaches classes on healthy living all over the world. As a result of her teachings, millions of people are drinking green smoothies and eating raw food. Boutenko continues to travel worldwide sharing her gourmet raw cuisine and her inspiring storey of determination. She lives in Ashland, Oregon.

“Green for life is a revolutionary but simple idea whose time has come. It is clear inspiration and great resource to readers who desire to lead healthier lives.” – Midwest Book Review

“In more than thirty-five years of practice as a psychiatrist affiliated with the Harvard Medical School, I have learned one thing very well: Human behavior is very hard to change. Now Victoria Boutenko is persuading me otherwise… Thirty days of green smoothies will change how you feel and how you feel about your self. That’s no small achievement for one small book. " – A. William Menzin, MD, Harvard Medical School

“Victoria Boutenko’s clear, simple, masterful concept is so valuable, so powerful – we can expect to see and feel the world of health rocked to its foundations within the decade.” – Thomas C. Chavez, homeopath and author of Body Electronics

“Victoria, you did it again! I love your new book. It will bring health to millions, reduce future risks of degenerative diseases for new generations, and make life easier for all of us now. A must read!” – Dr. Ruza Bodganovich , internationally renowned lecturer and author of The Cure is in the Cause



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